“Rest? Who needs it? I have too much to accomplish for God!”
Do those words sound familiar? Have you ever said them to yourself or others? Jim Anderson lived the same lifestyle that a majority of Christians, especially pastors, often follow. He tried to be all things to all people while striving to do more at the expense of his health, personal relationships, and his walk with God.

Twenty years later Anderson has learned the secret of rest, a “Sabbath Rest”. In For God’s Sake, Rest! Discovering the Pleasure of His Rest, Anderson shares his scriptural studies, personal journey, and insights from those who have discovered the much-neglected treasure of a “Sabbath Rest”. “As parents take pleasure in their sleeping children, God takes pleasure in our rest,” says Anderson. “He shows us how to be at rest from work and at work.”

Here is what some other people thought of Jim's book…

Book Review

Veteran pastor Jim Anderson can help. Anderson, who serves the Evangelical Free denomination in pastoral care, fully understands the challenges faced by busy, overcommitted pastors. He also understands the toll that ministry can take on a marriage or a family.

Writing with a rich background of experience and expertise, Anderson explains God's "Sabbath concept" in practical, theological, and always helpful terms. The book gets beyond "ought to" and shows you "how to" and "why to" and "what happens when…".

Written with great grace and a scholar's appreciation for Scripture, the book's aim is to help busy ministers (or anyone who's busy) find their way to God's provision for Sabbath—not just a day of the week, but a way of doing life.

Jim Anderson's book deserves a place on your bookshelf—start reading it today!

Dr. David Frisbie
The Center for Marriage & Family Studies
Del Mar, California
Author of The Soul-Mate Marriage: The Spiritual Journey of Becoming One

“I read Jim Anderson’s book, “For God's Sake, Rest!”, just at the right time. I needed to be reminded of what I have told others but in recent years struggled to maintain myself, discovering and pursuing the pleasure of His rest. Jim has given us a treasure… This wonderful book is anchored in the scriptures and accented by life experiences. You will be compelled to live and operate from His refreshing presence. This resource is high on the list of books I recommend to my friends and colleagues!”

-Dr. Crawford W. Loritts, Jr., Author, Speaker and
Sr. Pastor Fellowship Bible Church,
Roswell, Georgia

“Care for the flock entails care for the shepherd of the flock. This is what Dr. Jim Anderson sizes up so clearly and for which he makes practical prescription in his splendid new volume on the pastor’s Sabbath. He is tender-hearted and tough-minded and combines practicality with realism. This is highly recommended as an important `read’ not only for pastors and their families but for church officiary who must get under the responsibility of caring for the pastor. The pervasive and growing restlessness in the churches underscores the urgent priority of this concern.”

-Dr. David L. Larsen, Professor Emeritus of Preaching, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

“This is a book that I wish I would have been able to read years ago. I am grateful for it now! Jim Anderson has written a superb book on the incredibly important subject of rest. I believe that God will use these Biblical and practical insights not only in the lives of those of us who tend to be workaholics, but also in the life of every reader.”

-Dr. Paul Cedar, Chairman, Mission America Coalition

“For God's Sake, Rest!” rested on my bookshelf for an embarrassing period of time…collecting dust and producing guilt. Finally I carved out the time for a Wednesday —Friday private retreat. I brought two books with me: the Bible and Jim's. During those days I experienced such a wonderful time of refreshment: cleansing, renewal and rest. How true it is: “you cannot change the oil when the engine is running.” Why did I wait so long to get my “oil changed?” I drove home with a renewed heart, a revived spirit, misty eyes and a smile on my face!
Thank you Dr. Jim for writing such an enjoyable, practical and health producing book! It is a classic!!”

-Gregg Donnelly,

Senior Pastor at Maple Plain Community Church in Maple Plain, Minnesota

“Thanks Jim for writing a book dealing with a subject that far too few people (clergy included) ever consider. I personally thoroughly enjoyed my morning of taking a “Sabbath Rest”. I plan on doing it every week from here on out. I know it will help me enjoy my Lord and the ministry much much more along with helping me deal with my struggle with control and workaholism, God bless.”

-Rick Ensrud, Senior Pastor,

Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

“Jim, I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed our “Sabbath Rest” morning on our staff retreat weekend. I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like it before, I was truly refreshed. I have passed on the material to my wife and we are going to start practicing it. God Bless you, your family and your ministry.”

-Jeff Gagnon, Executive Pastor/Missions,

Brooklyn Park Evangelical Free Church Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

The Theology of Rest class in Africa
Liberian Student, Kenneth Jackson was not disappointed after taking The Theology of Rest class at WATS (West Africa Theological Seminary)

My first "Theology of Rest" assignment was to take a quiet time of confession, meditation and to listen to God. During this time, the Lord God gave me a new meaning for my holistic life. From this point, I realized that "Sabbath-rest" is about "the meeting of mutual desires - God's desire for me and my desire for Him." I knew that it is about our intimate relationship (friendship and fellowship) with God, no more or less. Upon reflecting on my past, I realized that I had been doing my own things as far as my family and ministry lives were concerned. I had not rested as a young energetic pastor. I realized that even being energized to work still requires "rest". This situation is just the representation of what is currently happening to almost of our African ministers and their ministries, which Liberia is no exception.

Sabbath Retreats

When asked if they would recommend others attend a Sabbath Retreat participants said:

"Yes, yes, yes! Setting the time apart to purposely meet with God was incredibly beneficial.  I had all sorts of excuses of why NOT to attend, and certainly had many obstacles arise in the days and weeks leading up to the retreat, but let me just say that I was richly rewarded and blessed for having set the time aside to come, and I believe that others will potentially have the same experience."

"I think the practical steps are given to help the "Sabbath" (be) not just a time off but a productive yet restful time with our Heavenly Father.    I found the release, review, remember to be very helpful.
Key thought – live for an audience of One."

Yes. It strikes a universal cord in every man's heart to come and be with Jesus, behold His glory and rest in who He is.

Yes. Not only was the teaching and experience on rest beneficial, but the time here with others was refreshing and restful in itself.

Absolutely! I really enjoyed the teaching on Sabbath. By being able to immediately put it into practice at the retreat, I was able to take it for a "test drive" so I could see the benefits of it right away, rather than getting a lot of info that sounds great and never implementing it, as I do so often with conferences I attend.